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CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center (L.A)

Established in 1924; Acquired from Tenet Health Systems in 2004
   Largest privately owned for-profit hospital in L.A with 434 licensed bed
Korea’s first re-exportation of business of medical treatment abroad
   - over 4,000 childbirth cases per year (No.1 in L.A)
USD 350M worth of hospital expansion and remodeling currently underway
   - New patient care tower, new parking tower, upgraded emergency center (double expansion)
     will be established

Matica Biotechnology

 Matica Biotechnology is a local CDMO(Contract Development Manufacturing Organization) company established
   in Texas(US), by CHA Biotech, and has plans to develop and produce viral vectors used in cell and gene therapies
 Viral vector is a key component of gene-modified cell and gene therapies (such as CAR-T cell therapy, also
   known as third-generation anticancer drug)
 Currently in cooperation with the CIADM program of Texas A&M University
 GMP facility is scheduled to open in 2021 and full-scale production is expected in 2022
 Intends to expand business with cell and gene therapy development companies by providing fast and
   reliable scale-up of manufacturing to keep pace with accelerated clinical development timeframes

※ CDMO(Contract Development Manufacturing Organization) is a company that serves other companies in the
 pharmaceutical industry on a contract basis to provide comprehensive services required by a pharmaceutical
 manufacturing company (CMO) from planning and development of pharmaceutical production to mass
 production for commercialization.

City Fertility Center

One of Australia’s leading IVF and fertility service groups established in 2003
Specialized in in-vitro fertilization (IVF) businesses including social bio bank (frozen egg storage bank)
   and genetic testing.
Currently operating 7 IVF clinics in major cities such as Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney in Australia


Singapore Medical Group

A private specialist healthcare provider listed on Catalist board of the Singapore Exchange since 2009 (SGX:5OT)
Providing specialized medical services such as cancer treatment, women's medicine (gynecology), pediatrics,
   plastic surgery and dermatology with a network of 41 specialties in Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia

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